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Our immensely popular Affiliate Program recognizes, values and thoroughly rewards your persistent efforts, dedication, business acumen, and commitment to promote the globally preferred and trusted, top-tier services of our renowned brand, HTS Hosting.

Earn money easily with every sale! Join the well-regarded and the financially rewarding affiliate program offered by HTS Hosting, and promote the services of one of the fastest growing brands worldwide with an ever-increasing clientele all around the globe.

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Joining our highly rewarding affiliate program is free, simple, and fast. Your unique HTS Hosting link helps you access information-rich resources to attain higher conversions.

Create Residual Income

Our recurring affiliate model aims at aiding you in building residual income. You get to earn for the entire life cycle of the customer.

Easy and Quick Payouts

Submit a withdrawal request for cash payment, as soon as you reach the minimum threshold amount. Getting your payouts is simple, easy, and fast.

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Benefits of Our Affiliate Program

  • 1. Earn instantly, at least % from every sale.
  • 2. Be rewarded with the best affiliate commissions.
  • 3. Receive quick monthly payments.
  • 4. Get real time affiliate statistics.
  • 5. A/B tested landing pages, extensive cookie life, deep linking, triple redundant tracking, and more.
  • 6. Efficient, responsible, and responsive Affiliate Program Management.
  • 7. Avail tools and marketing materials designed by experts, to specifically aid your marketing strategy.
  • 8. Easy to use control panel that lets you track your campaigns effectively.
  • 9. Get associated with a reputable brand that has clients in every continent.
  • 10. Avail the marketing expertise of your personal affiliate account manager.
  • 11. Get immediate recognition and value for your time and efforts.
  • 12. Sell more, get rewarded more. Special reward for the Top Affiliate!
  • 13. Our globally recognized brand delivers higher conversion rates.
  • 14. Be a part of an ever-growing family of successful affiliates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Affiliate Programs are profitable arrangements, wherein an online merchant site pays a certain amount of commission to its affiliates for sending it traffic. These affiliates post links to the merchant's site and are subsequently paid under a particular agreement that had been agreed upon by both of them. An affiliate program involves at least the merchant's site, the affiliate site, and the customer.

Our Affiliate Program offers you one of the highest conversion ratios and the best way to earn huge commissions. Our program is specially designed and structured in a way to ensure the success of our affiliates.

Of course, it is free! Joining our highly profitable Affiliate Program is not only free but also very easy. You can sign up instantly for our free Affiliate Program by following the 3 simple steps in the section, "Join Our Affiliate Program".

The Affiliates of HTS Hosting can earn commission on our following products and services, for both Linux and Windows:

  • • Shared Hosting Plans
  • • Dedicated Hosting Plans
  • • Reseller Hosting Plans
  • • VPS Plans (Managed and Self-Managed)
  • • Dedicated Servers Plans

It needs to be specified that affiliates cannot earn commissions on domain names, product addons, orders for an upgrade, and manually created invoices.

The Affiliate Program of HTS Hosting is a worldwide program and is open to every affiliate, from any part of the world, who meets our acceptance criteria and does not violate the rules of the program.

Joining our highly rewarding Affiliate Program is easy and totally free. The moment you get verified and welcomed into our program, you will have instant access to your affiliate account, where your customised affiliate link will be available. You can use our specialised marketing content, perfectly designed tools, easy-to-use control panel, along with the marketing expertise of your Affiliate Account Manager to ensure your success as an affiliate.

Our Affiliate Program provides you the option to select banners or text link advertisements based on your requirement and add those on your blog/site. When any visitor clicks the banner or the text link ad, it immediately redirects that visitor to the official website of HTS Hosting. Every time a visitor orders our hosting service and/or avails our servers through that link, our affiliate is rewarded and issued a commission for his success.

Terms & Conditons

  • Any account that carries out activities which are illegal, harmful, unethical, fraudulent, or of abusive nature, will not be considered as a referral and will not receive any payment from us. We shall discontinue our association with such accounts immediately, and we shall not be held responsible for such activities or their consequences.
  • Affiliate accounts that violate the rules of our affiliate program or abuse the program, shall be terminated without being issued any prior notice.
  • Refund requests by referrals shall not be entertained. We reserve the sole discretion in this matter.
  • In order to be paid, accounts need to stay active and remain in good standing for a minimum period of 60 business days continuously. With regard to Affiliate Commission Delay, commission payments shall be delayed by 60 days. Payments will be made post that period, if the account is still active.
  • ₹5000/- is the minimum amount that every affiliate has to reach before he/she can initiate cash withdrawal.
  • Each affiliate will receive 15% of each payment as the Affiliate Earning Percentage. We reserve the right to change it any time, without prior notice.
  • You will not receive any deposit bonus in your account, after signing up.
  • We do not permit blind redirects, unsolicited bulk e-mail traffic, and any form of malicious advertising (coupon, discount code, etc.)
  • Affiliates shall not represent themselves as HTS Hosting on any advertising platform or on any search engine.
  • We reserve the sole right to modify partly or in its entirety this affiliate program, or cancel it at any time, without issuing any notice in advance.
  • You cannot claim commission on your own hosting account or on “Self-sign ups”, as it is against our policy.

There is much more for you to gain when you join our lucrative affiliate program that values your skills and efforts, and ensures an enriching association. Contact our Affiliate Manager and discover more.

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