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Flashback Of HTS Events Which Will Bring Smile On Employees Face

Going to office seems boring to the people who doesn’t enjoy the fun at workplace, no individual can sit glued to their office seat for strict 9 hours. The employer should keep in mind that such workplace should be created where employees can feel like that they will provide there 100% to that place. At HTS we understand that simply coming and doing your assigned job will make life too monotonous so we keep some or other events to engage our employees and bring smile on their faces.

On different occasions we organize small events, so employees can know there organization and each member more clearly so they can grow for themselves and origination. For this purpose HTS has organized “Trip To Mussoorie” a fun loving and light trip which helped employees to know each other in much better way and make more happy relations. This trip has happiness, adventure, fun and engraved beautiful memory on everyone who was part of this trip.

It’s always joyful for individual to see that organization grow where they have spend their time, same was the happy scenario with HTS 3rd Anniversary, where all employees were the part of the success HTS has seen in just Three Years.

After celebrating the anniversary now it was the time to celebrate the festival of light at HTS that is Diwali. Each and every employee has taken active part to create a joyful atmosphere that brought success and prosperity for HTS.

As winters were coming close the time of Santa visit was near, HTS has turned into Red and White for Christmas and it has emerged as Secret Santa for its each employee. It is said that ending of anything can be hurtful but for HTS employees end of 2016 was splendid, a fun loving and interacting party was organized to make New Years Eve memorable for everyone.

2017 has come up with more excitement and enthusiasm for whole HTS, January is usually filled with feeling of patriotism and same was the scenario at HTS. Each one has celebrated the republic day with respect toward our country and taken pledge to respect the nation.

As winters are coming to end, and each one of us is looking forward for this spring weather, a bright sun is calling us and asking to join it and bring brighter side of us. Vasant Panchmi is the best day to celebrate the jovial and bright sun, At HTS we our welcoming this vasant Panchmi with more positivity and enjoyment.