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Saturday was a special day at HTS, as it was the birthday of our director who is simply the person with excellence. He knows how to motivate his employees and make sure they get what they need, so we admire him for his inspiration and hard work. There was kind of excitement among the employees and management which displayed our love for the Director and HTS.

It was the day with full of enjoyment, laughter and excitement, Saturday become the fun day at HTS. Celebration was at its peak since morning and with each passing moment level of excitement increased. We decorated cabin with his choice of colors, flowers and songs to make him feel special, and a special task for him to guess what each employee wants to tell him. A Cake to bring the sweetness in HTS, a new bond created over drinks and snacks. The best moment of event was when he appreciated our efforts and as a return gift we got fun filled HTS trip in coming month.

In the last it was one of the special event which brought a new sunshine in HTS and has motivated employees to take HTS at New heights.