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What Is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Hosting is a type of hosting service in which cloud resources are used in order to access websites and applications. It ensures the on-demand availability of system resources. Multiple servers are used in it for maximizing uptime and for load balancing. Cloud Hosting solutions are not deployed on a single server. Hence, a hosted website can easily tap into a centralized pool of resources as a network of virtual and physical cloud servers that are connected, host the site. This ensures augmented flexibility and scalability. In the event that one server fails, the site is kept running by another server.

Cloud Hosting’s claim to fame is its capability to deliver enhanced uptime, scalability, isolated resources and much more. This is due to the fact that the hosted applications and sites are deployed on a cloud network and not on an on-premises single server. Web portals, mobile apps and APIs are used to automate and control solutions. SQL, including MySQL, or NoSQL databases can be supported in Cloud Hosting. Unlike traditional hosting, where there is limited availability of bandwidth, the scalability of Cloud Hosting can easily accommodate spikes in web traffic as well as caters perfectly to seasonal demands. Bid adieu to downtime caused by hardware failures by availing Cloud Hosting services. This is because in Cloud Hosting, sites and applications are hosted on a network of servers.

Cloud Hosting Services

Why Choose Cloud Hosting?

In traditional web hosting, regardless of whether it is shared, dedicated or VPS; your website utilizes the resources of a single server. In Cloud Hosting, multiple servers are used and Cloud Hosting solutions are not deployed on a single server. Hence, you are not dependent on a single server in this type of web hosting. Cloud Hosting significantly boosts security, server uptime as well as ensures scalability of resources. That is why choosing Cloud Hosting over conventional hosting solutions offers several benefits.

Let us run you through some of the important features of Cloud Hosting.
Cloud Hosting Services
1. High Availability, High Uptime

The very structure of Cloud Hosting has high uptime inbuilt into it. In it, the resources of multiple servers are used by a site. Hence, if any server experiences technical issues or goes offline, your site can immediately start utilizing the resources of another server. Additionally, with the capability to scale server resources, based on demand, unexpected surge in web traffic won’t impact your site adversely.

2. Enhanced Website Performance & Speed

Cloud Servers are known to deliver fast speeds, augment site performance, and ensure easier load balancing between multiple server environments. Moreover, Cloud Hosting makes it possible for you to access your data at any time and from anywhere, with an active Internet connection. Always opt for a cloud host that provides premium server hardware, low-density servers, and multiple caching layers.

3. Fast Server Set-Up, Redundant Server Environment

A Cloud Hosting Server can be deployed without any significant delay. In Cloud Hosting, a site backup takes charge of your existing site instantly when your hosting is redundant. Cloud Hosting ensures that your site’s live concurrent version is available that could be loaded immediately by your web host.

4. Easily Scalable Server Resources

Cloud Hosting renders it easy to scale resources. Usually, you will be able to view the performance of your site in real time through an intuitive site management dashboard. This enables you to scale up or down the server resources immediately.

What Kind of Websites Need Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Hosting has gained rapid popularity as a hosting option owing to the slew of benefits that it has to offer. It is a preferred hosting solution for mission-critical websites, eCommerce sites, sites of corporates as well as for high-traffic projects. Any site that expects surges in web traffic will benefit by availing Cloud Hosting.

Cloud Hosting Services

HTS Hosting Your Trusted Cloud Hosting Provider

Equipped with the latest technology, our powerfully configured Cloud Hosting infrastructure follows the best practices with regard to security and constantly delivers reliable performance that is fully secure, fast and affordable. Our technical support team is available 24*7 to instantly address all your queries and excels in resolving all types of hosting related issues swiftly. We have a dedicated team of experts that specializes in and has thorough knowledge of the nuances of Cloud Hosting, including its security aspect.

As a globally recognized brand in Web Hosting that has extensive experience in offering outstanding Cloud Hosting Services, HTS Hosting has been successfully catering to the requirements of our Cloud Hosting clients from various parts of the world.

With our fast, fully secure Cloud Hosting Services that are budget-friendly and can be easily availed, you can ensure that you always have access to your business data from anywhere and at any time over an active Internet connection. Our reliable and fast Linux Cloud Servers as well as Windows Cloud Servers make sure that your site visitors never have to experience slow page loads despite rapid surges in web traffic.

Our services prioritize the convenience of our ever-growing global client base. We simplify Cloud Hosting for you by ensuring that you have all the essential tools easily available in one place, which is on your control panel. We always employ the latest technologies and deliver extremely fast speed to enhance the user experience of your site. Our wide range of affordable Cloud Hosting plans keep your sites up and running securely at enhanced speed and ensure that you have constant access to your data all the time without any hindrance.

Frequently Asked Questions

A type of hosting where a common network is connected to several physical servers is a Cloud Hosting. In Cloud Hosting the resources like CPU, RAM and disk space is divided among the servers.

Shared Hosting is a web hosting option in which a single server is used to host multiple websites. Server space and server resources are shared in it. Cloud Hosting functions by using cloud resources, wherein hosting solutions do not get deployed on a single server. The use of multiple servers in Cloud Hosting enhances uptime and ensures load balancing.

Cloud Hosting delivers higher uptime, scalability, isolated resources, etc., whereas in Shared Hosting, sharing of server resources often causes slow site speed, security issues and limited resource availability.

Cloud Hosting support environmental pro - activity by strengthening virtual networks instead of physical products and devices, and reduce paper waste, improve energy efficiency, and reduce commuter-related emissions because it enables employees to access internet access from almost anywhere.

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